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DVRC07 550x366 The DELAVILLA Cayman VRC
Delavilla is known as THE French Porsche tuner. The brand unveiled the Cayman VRC to the general public in October 2009, following on from the limited 911 VRS series with its 21 entirely unique models.

The Cayman VRC has been a resounding success. As with the 911 series, the bodywork has been extensively redesigned. The front panel is equipped with specific air inlets, a 997 GT3 style upper grill, new fog lights and LED daytime running lights. The rear panel is fitted with the four vertically superposed exhaust pipes that are characteristic of the DELAVILLA brand. The large rear spoiler adds a powerful aesthetic to the overall architecture of this innovative model. Several “Additional Customisation Packs” are also available.

Concerning the mechanics, the engine configurations previously only available for the R1 are now available for the VRC. The engine capacity is increased to 3.8l and power levels to 340 or 385 hp. A range of different exhaust pipes, controllers, intakes, filters and suspensions are available for you to choose from to give your car its own unique character.

DVRC03 550x366 The DELAVILLA Cayman VRC

All DELAVILLAs can now be fitted with 19’’ forged wheel trims produced by the brand. Their unique design represents five DELAVILLA logos side by side. Like the 911 VRS, the Cayman VRC can be equipped with scissor doors, an original system that is a favourite with the French tuner.

The final individual touch can be found in the list of DELAVILLA branded accessories: Made-to-measure luggage, mats, dial colours, stickers, aluminium pedals etc. Body kit base price is : €8,500 ex.VAT. and free shipping.

DVRC18 550x366 The DELAVILLA Cayman VRC

A network of DELAVILLA distributors is being set up in Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Asia to market the brand’s vehicles and the whole range of DELAVILLA accessories (mechanical parts, bodywork and interior, luggage, sports clothing, watches etc.) that tell the story of the concept.

Two new models are also planned for 2012, the CAYENNE 4X4 and the PANAMERA saloon.


Hello,Very nice job in the Yellow DEllavila Cayman. Can to have more detailes concerning the car and the final more question. My car in like New with about 6.000 miles, Mod 2007. I buy New from the Porsche Greece.The Engine to have 3.4L,can increce with absolutely crebidility for thousands of miles? Please if you interested about make my car,Please infor me by e-mail or Mail. Thank you Very Mutch. Kind Regards:ZISIS KOTSOU. AMVRYSSOU str. DISTOMO VIOTIAS. TK-32005. GREECE. Tel++ 2267 0 21123.

Zisis Kotsou
December 16, 2012

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