The GEMBALLA TORNADO based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo
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01 gemballa tornado geneva 550x365 The GEMBALLA TORNADO based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo
With 721hp/529 kW and an electronically limited torque of 955Nm, the GEMBALLA TORNADO is a force to be reckoned with, and its 320km/h top speed makes this exclusive SUV faster than a real tornado. However, sheer power alone is not the only thing that makes this limited edition of 30 cars desirable. The striking design and the bespoke carbon-fibre panels enclosing the factory steel safety cell are a paradigm of lightweight body construction.

Nearly all the external body panels on the TORNADO are replaced by carbon components. This far-reaching panel replacement exercise that results in a weight reduction of over 70 kg includes the bonnet, front and rear bumpers and wings, doors, side skirts, and the tailgate outer skin. “Carbon-fibre is a very light and strong structural material that should be used honestly as such and not for decorative purposes to imply light weight,” explained GEMBALLA GmbH CEO, Andreas Schwarz.

02 gemballa tornado geneva 550x365 The GEMBALLA TORNADO based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo

“Bonding carbon-fibre parts to steel as some tuners do is only doing only half the job, and the differential expansion of steel and carbon-fibre can cause cracking and delamination at the joints when exposed to harsh climatic environments with large temperature gradients,” he continued. “Our complete carbon-fibre panel replacement programme sidesteps this issue and uses the structural properties of this light and strong material in an authentic way.”

The new front styling delivers significant autobahn overtaking presence with the large grille, flanked by two smaller ones that provide ram air for the two stages of uprated Bi-turbocharged engine. Brake cooling ducts sit beside the fog lights and the vertical LED daytime running lights also help to give the GEMBALLA TORNADO that all-important instant recognition factor.

13 gemballa tornado geneva 550x365 The GEMBALLA TORNADO based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo

The recessed surfaces, in matt finished visible carbon, give the sides of the TORNADO a heavily sculpted look, inspired by the GEMBALLA AVALANCHE GT. The same matt black visible carbon finish is used on the tail panel and rear corners, and the wider arches increase the TORNADO’s overall width to 2.05m. The steel skin of the tailgate is replaced by carbon-fibre, and the new, stacked round rear light design completely changes the look of the Cayenne’s rear, which features the four round exhaust outlets that are a long-standing GEMBALLA design motif.

The enlarged wheel arches are filled by huge 10.0J x 22-inch wheels with 295/35/R22 tyres on the front axle, and 12.0J x 22-inch with 335/30ZR22 tyres at the rear. Despite their greater size, these forged, ultra-light and strong monoblock alloys are no heavier than the standard factory 20-inch wheels. And thanks to their narrow-spoke design, they appear even larger, helping to make this very large car appear smaller.

The uprated braking system was developed in conjunction with Brembo, GEMBALLA’s partner for brake component development. Massive 420mm vented discs with six-pot callipers are used at the front, with 405mm vented discs and four-pot callipers at the rear. All four discs are cross-drilled and slotted, and made exclusively for GEMBALLA in these sizes. Complete stability at any temperature and under extreme loads is a pre-requisite for the mechanical components, which have been rigorously uprated and tested to ensure long-term reliability in their enhanced form. This means with the 35-40% more power and 30 percent more torque that can thrust this massive vehicle to 0-100km/h in an amazing 4.1 seconds.

Bespoke interiors have always been a GEMBALLA speciality, and as with haute couture tailoring, you can choose from a wide palette of colours and trim materials to make the place you sit in this car your very own. And if you want on-board video entertainment or a fridge and bar, these can be incorporated too. The sky is truly the limit.


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