Top 5 Most Popular Car Tuning Tips for Porsche Owners
posted on: Dec 15, 2010 on category: Parts

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Performance improvements and proper car care are addictions for most Porsche owners. Every year, new and improved add-ons and modifications are unveiled to give Porsches a unique sound, sleeker look, smoother ride and, of course, more speed.

With all of the options available, it’s hard to decide what to focus on. High-quality engine oils are important, but popular tuning and modifications focus on the big picture: sound, speed and looks.

1. Suspension upgrades. There’s nothing like the look of a lowered 997 Turbo barely hovering over the pavement or handling corners without hesitation. Getting a suspension upgrade or installing a kit that lowers your ride by even an inch will not only increase its handling, but will also give it a look to die for.

2. Exhaust system. Porsches have a unique and powerful sound straight from the factory, but upgrading your exhaust will make it even more specialized. Make sure you do your research before installing a new exhaust; some Porsche engines require a delicate balance of back pressure. (Installing the wrong exhaust could cause you to lose a few HP.) Exhaust upgrades can remove turbo lag, increasing throttle response time and giving your car a sound like no other.

3. Intercooler upgrade. After-market intercoolers are a perfect complement for turbo and supercharged engines. Through cooling the warm air intake, your engine will breathe easier. Find an intercooler kit with specific benefits to your model of car; there is always the potential a kit might not be appropriate depending on your engine and other modifications.

4. Air intake kits. Performance air intake kits deliver more power and torque. For turbo engines, the right intake kit can help improve turbo boost response. There are kits out there that can control and maximize the air intake without modifications under the hood.

5. Brake kit upgrade. There are many brake upgrades for Porches, whether you need better handling on the track or want smoother and easier breaking during everyday driving. Upgrades typically come with larger rotors. This will result in longer pad life and, of course, better braking. Combined with a low suspension, big rims and a shiny finish, brake upgrades add that final presence to your Porsche.

When looking to tune your car, make sure you do your research. Porsches have plenty of specialized upgrades for each model.


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