TOYO Releases New Porsche Sizes in Proxes R888
posted on: Mar 12, 2013 on category: Parts

TOYO Proxes R888 Porsche New TOYO Releases New Porsche Sizes in Proxes R888
Respected Japanese tyre manufacturer TOYO Tires has released four new sizes in its Proxes R888 range, aimed specifically at 19” staggered wheel fitments on a range of Porsche models.

The new sizes are 325/30ZR19, 345/30ZR19, 245/35ZR19 and 265/35ZR19 meaning that for the first time, owners with these tyre requirements will be able to opt for the race-proven grip of the Proxes R888.

The Proxes R888 has become something of a legend in its own lifetime – thanks to its use as a control tyre across a great many race series, including the Toyo Tires BRSCC Porsche Championship. Despite offering exceptional levels of dry grip, impressive wet-weather performance and a stunning ‘semi slick’ case design, the Proxes R888 is fully road legal and E-marked, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for no-compromise road and track performance in a tyre that can be left on the car for normal road use. These unique characteristics saw the tyre being recently selected by Renault Sport as the OEM fitment on the sharply-focussed Megane R26R.

Commenting on the introduction of the new fitments, TOYO UK’s motorsport manager Alan Meaker said, ‘We have introduced these sizes onto the market as a direct response to requests from our dealers and customers. The choice of cost-effective track-friendly 19” fitments has been a little thin on the ground in this sector, so we’re sure the Proxes R888 will help many Porsche owners get the very best from their cars.’


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